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"Empowering Educators, Elevating Artistry: NextGen Coaching Collective's Dance and Theatre Teacher Training — Unleashing the Artist in Every Instructor."

Not only does our course teach you to be a strong and confident teacher, it also teaches you how to look after yourself in an industry where self-care is not always a number one priority.

A new way of teaching

Embark on a transformative journey with our New Teacher Training at NextGen Coaching Collective. More than just a checklist, this comprehensive program equips aspiring teachers with the essential tools to become confident and successful educators. Offering a majority of the learning online, our training ensures flexibility and convenience. With a careful blend of theory and practical training, conducted in a studio or with the students of your choice, you'll not only check the boxes but gain the knowledge and skills needed to flourish as an inspiring and impactful dance or theatre teacher.

Our Activity Provider Course is also CPD accredited, giving you the confidence in our training and those CPD points that show you are committed to the industry.


  • 18 Years+

    Learners should be over the age of 18.

  • experience

    Learners should have practical knowledge in at least one dance genre.

  • Qualified Teacher

    Unless already qualified, learners should be supervised during practical assignments.

  • Insurance

    Must have correct insurance throughout training.

Course Breakdown

Unit 1 - Safe Practise

Unit 2 - Keys to Teaching

Unit 3 - Pedagogical Insights

Unit 4 - Effective Teaching

Unit 5 - Personal and Professional Development

Unit 6 - Observation & Practise

Optional Musical Theatre Teacher Module.

Examples of Modules: Maintaining Work-Life Balance, Practising Teaching Skills, Understanding Learning Theories, Additional Needs, Curriculum Design, Safe Dance Environment, Legal Requirements.

Completing the Course

Online Platform

Our course is crafted for your convenience, featuring an online portal with easy-to-use upload software. Whether engaging with course material, submitting assignments, or tracking progress, you can do so seamlessly from the comfort of your chosen learning space. This flexibility is our commitment to providing an enriching learning journey that adapts to your schedule and location.


Our course is thoughtfully structured to promote continuous learning and understanding. You'll have the opportunity to complete assignments as you progress through each aspect of the course, allowing you to assess and reinforce your comprehension in real-time. This iterative approach ensures that you not only grasp the material but also can apply it effectively, enhancing your overall learning experience.