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For Activity Providers

Discover the potential for unprecedented growth and innovation within your activity provider business through our Activity Provider License. This specialised course empowers you to seamlessly integrate our educational Student Helper Programme into your offerings, presenting a unique selling proposition (USP) that sets your business apart in a competitive market.


By running our Student Helper Programme, you not only open new revenue streams but also become a key player in training the next generation of educators and leaders. With our meticulously designed curriculum and proven track record, you'll be equipped to deliver top-notch educational experiences that enrich your students' lives and your bottom line. Join us in shaping the future of education while unlocking the full potential of your business.

How It Works For Activity Providers

The Student Helper Programme is a unique and collaborative initiative designed to empower schools and activity providers to foster the next generation of student helpers. Our approach is simple yet impactful: we limit participation to one track of activity provider per 10-mile radius, ensuring a localised focus and fostering strong, community-based connections. Activity providers who join our programme become licensed partners, gaining exclusive rights to run our comprehensive programme within their school. We provide everything they need to kickstart their journey, from robust training materials to ongoing support, additional report forms, monthly drop-in calls and access to enlightening retreats.

What sets us apart is our commitment to continual improvement—new materials and resources are added throughout the year, keeping the programme fresh and aligned with the evolving needs of educators and students alike. It's a collaborative, growth-oriented community dedicated to nurturing the educational leaders of tomorrow.

Our Activity Provider Course is also CPD accredited, giving you the confidence in our training and those CPD points that show you are committed to the industry.


  • Exclusive Territory

    You are the only activity provider licensed within a 10-mile radius on your track of your chosen field, ensuring a localised focus and community-building opportunity.

  • Activity Provider Course

    Successfully complete our Activity Provider Course to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for running our programme within your business.

  • Commitment to Mentorship

    Demonstrate a strong commitment to marking, mentoring, and supporting your students as they progress through the programme, ensuring their success and growth.

  • Certification and Qualifications

    Ensure that your staff members possess the necessary certifications, including Enhanced DBS checks, Safeguarding and First Aid qualifications, and appropriate insurance coverage.

Additional Income for your business

Our programme is designed with your success in mind. We want you to benefit as much as possible, both professionally and financially. That's why we've adopted a set fee structure, irrespective of the number of students enrolled in the programme within your business. This means that as your programme grows and flourishes, your potential for additional income remains consistent, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—providing quality education and mentorship to your students.


SET UP INVESTMENT: £300 (payment plan available)

Following your first year of certification there is a yearly investment of £100 enabling your license to continue and to keep access to our incredible success portal.


INCOME: You select the course fees for your students, making it as affordable as you like.

See example below...

1 Student - £20 pcm x 12 months = £240 per year

10 Students = £200 pcm x 12 months = £2,400 per year

20 Students = £400 pcm x 12 months = £4,800 per year

1 Student - £30 pcm x 12 months = £360 per year

10 Students = £300 pcm x 12 months = £3,600 per year

20 Students = £600 pcm x 12 months = £7,200 per year 

You can get your return on investment from just one student taking part in the course a year!

We're thrilled to be a Children's University approved provider, dedicated to enriching young minds and helping them on their educational journey. Your inspired NextGen students and parents, will be delighted to know that our Student Helper Programme offers a fantastic opportunity for students to earn valuable points towards their Children's University Passports.

These points not only recognise their dedication to learning but also open doors to exciting new opportunities and experiences.

Some of our Certified Student Helper Activity Providers